SMARTer Manager | Software for Manufacturing

Manufacturing Management Software

Quality Control, Shop Floor Control & Data Intelligence in one software system.

SMARTer Manager™ offers a wide range of capabilities and a more complete manufacturing management software solution than any other manufacturing software technology for 32bit or 64bit. Unparalleled functionality at a fraction of the cost and the ability to implement, execute and operate across any manufacturing enterprise with one single solution. SMARTer Manager’s™ innovative applications are completely scalable for job shops or larger product oriented organizations.

Job Shops, Repetitive, Mixed Mode and More.

Can’t seem to fit in one manufacturer’s category?

Our manufacturing business software is highly modular, scalable and configurable making it ideally suited to job shops, repetitive and mixed-mode manufacturers. We provide superior cost and performance solutions to contract, make-to-order, assemble-to-order and engineer-to-order manufacturers, especially where tight cost control, constraint based scheduling and customer delivery performance are strategic objectives.

Need to know accurate costs now, and in any step of production?

With our unique scheduling engine identify production bottlenecks before they impact delivery dates and customer satisfaction. And, the ability to accurately track all phases of job costing and make sound investment decisions.

Real-Time Tracking, Bill of Materials, Inventory Control, Capacity Planning…

Its the manufacturer’s “Swiss Army Knife”. With manufacturing software technology tools like; Estimating, Sales Order Processing, Production Order Processing, Job Costing, Inventory Control, BOM, Real-Time Tracking, Finite/Infinite Capacity Planning, Sales Force Automation, Product Configurator and fully integrated accounting and general ledger make SMARTer Manager™ manufacturing software technology the SMARTer choice.

Not every order coming in the door starts at ground zero.

SMARTer Manager’s™ ability to handle multiple entry points is one of the more innovative concepts of our manufacturing software technology. We understand that your business process flow works and that’s why SMARTer Manager™ never restricts your business to pre-defined data entry methods; Make the SMARTer Move!