Estimating Software for Manufacturing

Estimating and Quoting for Manufacturing

An accurate estimate is the first and perhaps the most critical step in any profitable manufacturing environment and starting out right means you need estimating software for manufacturing. Quoting the job right the first time and every time keeps your shop lean, the schedule on track and more jobs ship on time.

Make-to-Order manufacturers typically rely on estimate software or quoting software to gauge performance.

In the project-oriented environment of make-to-order manufacturing, estimates must typically be calculated a number of times during the life of the job. It’s here that our estimate software module really shines in its ease-of-use, flexibility and ability to provide precise estimating.


SMARTer Manager™ software for estimating features a unique capability that can increase your on-time delivery commitment, at the time of the estimate. You can quickly determine what impact an estimate will have on your production schedule by clicking the What If?. The system reacts by showing you how the estimated job may fit into the current resource and master schedule.


By viewing the potential bottlenecks in your shop floor that would prevent you from delivering on time, you can decide to move forward with your order or react with a new delivery date.Using SMARTer Manager’s™ manufacturing estimating software is easy. By simply entering the pertinent estimate information, including material requirements, processing steps and target quantities, you can be confident of an accurate, real-time estimate.

Upon confirmation of estimate acceptance and maybe even receipt of a Purchase Order, one click transforms the Estimate into a Production Order and you can schedule the job to begin.