Accounts Payable Software for Manufacturing

Accounts Payable Software

SMARTer Manager’s™ Accounts Payable Software for Accounts Payable Management:

SMARTer Manager™ gives you that perfect balance of accounts payable automation and payables management flexibility. SMARTer Manager’s™ accounts payable software takes care of simple tasks, like adjusting your inventory and job cost from the prices of Purchase Orders. Payment reconciliation and processing of cancellations happen automatically within the payables management modules.


Our Accounts Payable management module is robust enough for the well-seasoned CPA or Comptroller but easy enough for the part-time bookkeeper to do a more than an adequate job. It is easy to use and smart because there are only three required fields to post your payables invoice and get it on the payables management schedule.

Automatic lookups keep the task simple by using smart fields to make data entry quicker and minimize data entry mistakes. There’s no need to enter default data every time a payable is entered. You will not be second guessing the Vendor’s terms, discount dates, payables checkbook or the correct GL account for the payable invoice or account distribution.

With checks and balances incorporated your account distribution is always balanced. For accuracy, assign purchase orders and their line items to each accounts payable invoice, and dollar differences between the purchase order and the payable invoice trigger automatic updates to all the corresponding, or integrated modules making your accounts payable management smarter.

Accounts Payable Software Management System

Features and Benefits

  • Payment reconciliation and cancellation processing
  • Control inventory costs, job costs, and purchasing costs.
  • Split and partial payments
  • Vouchering and invoice data validation, ensuring control over cash disbursements
  • Simple check reconciliation to bank statements
  • Manage cash flow by personally selecting invoices for payment
  • Integrates with all modules including Purchasing and General Ledger
  • Automatic discount calculations
  • Computer generated or manual checks
  • Electronic Funds Transfers
  • Easily record manual checks
  • Multiple checking account flexibility
  • User-defined aging is summarized or detailed
  • Customizable reports

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