Manufacturing Production Reporting, SMARTer Report Writer

Ad-hoc Manufacturing Production Reporting Software

How do you find the most effective way to quickly produce business intelligence reports that go beyond manufacturing production reporting without being a database guru or power user? In today’s business world you need applications that offer quick, easy and accurate methods for users to get the data information they need. Intelligent business decisions are critical when looking at the overall picture of a business and it’s efficiency.

manufacturing production reporting - smarter report writer

SMARTer Report Writer provides you with a powerful data access and business reporting software for SMARTer Manager™, by allowing manufacturers to easily access and manage an enterprise, production, analytical, quality and even accounting data. Create customized data analysis queries and manufacturing business reports. Combining the ease of use with flexibility and power to deliver professional manufacturing reports inside and outside of Windows®.

SMARTer Managers ad-hoc reporting tool goes beyond manufacturing production reporting, it is easy to understand and as simple as drag and drop. If you’re familiar with Excel then you’ll be familiar with SMARTer Report Writer. The ease of use will have you creating business intelligent ad hoc reports that are both functional, detailed and presentation ready.

All of these customized reports can be controlled with SMARTer Manager extensive security so that sensitive data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

With SMARTer Report Writer you have instant ad-hoc reporting software. Utilize SMARTer Manager’s™ fully-customizable manufacturing analysis reports without the need of Crystal reports or create your own using our manufacturing reporting tools.

SMARTer Report Writer makes it easy to quickly access and extract all of your data in a format your manufacturing business is used to seeing. No more spending endless hours reading manuals or searching for help to get the data you need today. It’s simple and easy to use.

Customize your reports, create a new report, change the look and appearance of a report, all within the SMARTer Report Writer. Share your reports with your organization, export the data to the web or email them.

Make your reports, your way.