Inventory Management Software

Inventory Control Software for manufacturing

Stop feeding the inventory monster, get control of inventory cost.

Inventory Management Software for manufacturing needs to provide control of your inventory for real world materials management and track everything from raw material to finished goods, no matter who the owner is.

Inventory Control software for manufacturing

Using integrated inventory software to track your multiple warehouse locations doesn’t have to be hard. With SMARTer Manager’s™ inventory tracking capabilities you’ll know exactly where all your inventory levels are in every warehouse, inventory lot or inventory location; and it doesn’t matter how many there are.

The secret to inventory control lies in the inventory management software tool that includes bar coding for accurate tracking and real-time data to every department in your facility.

inventory management software for inventory control

Today you can start driving down your inventory cost, eliminate waste and get accurate inventory valuation reporting because we’ve integrated every aspect of inventory control and management.


  • Inventory cost valuation offers you the choice of average, standard, last, LIFO, FIFO
  • Single or multiple warehouses, with the ability to transfer stock
  • Automatic material issuance for work orders, operations, and sub-assemblies
  • Price schedules for quantity, discounted, and contract pricing
  • Automatic alert to the purchasing module for material not in inventory or available


  • Automatically checks inventory status during order entry, ensuring consistent and accurate pricing.
  • Detailed lot tracking meets Defense and Government requirements
  • When a priority or hot job comes in, release reserved inventory from one job to another with complete transaction history
  • Maintain inventory stock levels as items are purchased
  • Buy in one quantity and sell in another, the inventory module converts automatically