Accounting Software Wizard

Accounting Software Wizard for Manufacturing

With our Fast-Start Accounting Wizard software, you will be able to setup all of your general ledger accounts with ease.

Let the wizard walk you through your initial accounts setup, year-end close and new year starts. Whether it’s a Fiscal Year, Calendar Year or Custom Accounting periods you need, SMARTer Manager’s™ Accounting Software for Manufacturing will guide you through each step of the way with the Accounting Software Wizard.

Forget about having to be the manufacturing accounting software general-ledger-software-fast-start-wizard‘guru’ and let the accounting wizard do the work.

The General Ledger Fast Start Wizard is used to prepare your SMARTer Manager General Ledger to be for the first time.

This wizard will assist you in setting the beginning balances or current balances for your chart of accounts. It will also help you in selecting the default accounts used for such items as A/P Discounts, A/R Discounts, and Owner’s Equity.

The information you will need requires a thorough understanding of the business from an accounting point of view. You may wish to have your accountant review the following list, or assist you with the setup.

  • Streamline your accounting software to maximize productivity
  • No more paperwork nightmares
  • It’s as easy as OneClick
  • Software wizards tailored to your manufacturing industry
  • Your manufacturing accounting process implemented

That’s SMARTer™!