SMe Manufacturing Software System

Manufacturing software system for small to mid-size manufacturers designed to Make it SMARTer, Start to Finish™.

At SMe Software, we’ve set out to develop the most comprehensive manufacturing software system aimed at the small to the mid-size manufacturer. By eliminating the need for third-party applications, you get one manufacturing software system designed for cohesiveness between departments and closing the data gap.

manufacturing software system


SMARTer Manager|Manufacturing Software System

SMARTer Manager is a complete, state-of-the-art manufacturing management software specifically designed for small to midsize manufacturers. Everything you need to gain control of all aspects of your business in one software system. Some of the modules in SMARTer Manager are:

estimating, sales orders, production control, material requirements planning, master production scheduling, capacity requirements planning, shop floor control, purchasing, inventory control, bill of materials, CAD interface, and job tracking

—all in a robust, multi-user package at a very affordable price.

SMARTer Manager is easy to use because of its consistent screen layout, you’ll never be lost with an update or new version release. Easy to implement, because it’s easy to learn, your business will run more efficiently. SMARTer Manager will help move your company into the next millennium, resulting in greater customer satisfaction, more productive employees, and higher profits.

SMARTer Manager Editions: Standard | Mid-Size | Enterprise | Terminal Server


SMARTer Manufacturing Product Configurator

By using SMARTer Configurator, your company delivers the configure-to-order service that customers are demanding while eliminating design and production errors.  You save lead time and delivery costs while customer requirements are matched accurately.  Ask about SMARTer Configurator for improved planning accuracy and capacity utilization while increasing customer satisfaction.


Shop Floor Data Collection System for Manufacturing

Tracking jobs through your manufacturing and production process are critical for on-time deliveries and satisfied customers.  Using bar-coded shop travelers or routing sheets, employees scan on and off each operation, recording quantity built and scrapped.  SMARTer Manager uses the most technologically advanced equipment to do this in real-time.  Ensuring that information is validated immediately.  Real-time job tracking eliminates manual time card entry, provides you with ‘up to the minute’ work in process, and immediate job costing.  With the data collection system’s on-screen interface, managers can view employee activity and job status on the shop floor as it happens.


ShopTrak Inventory Control Software for Manufacturing

SMARTer Manager was the first ERP manufacturing software in the world to offer advanced technology in bar code scanning functionality with handheld computers.  SMARTer Manager combines sophisticated barcode scanning technology with Motorola Symbol Technologies’ terminal.  Its ruggedized housing withstands drops of up to 4 feet and capable of withstanding elements like rain and dust. Using the SMARTer Manager SmartSync client, the inventory data collected on the production floor is exported to the SMARTer Manager database for review and validation.  The time that used to be spent verifying information or tracking down problems is eliminated, making SMARTer Manager ShopTrak terminals very easy to use and highly accurate.

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