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We’ve Worked with Thousands of Manufacturers

It is about time you get software for manufacturing that has a proven track record across many manufacturing industries. SMARTer Manager’s real world, proven technology, and complementary technologies offer a fast, reliable solution for delivering extremely accurate data to all departmental personnel in your manufacturing business. SMARTer Manager has been developed to deliver an affordable, easy to use manufacturing management system as a true Windows® client/server network application or a simple single user system.







Let SMARTer Manager™ integrate your shop with:

Business critical data should be easily obtained and delivered at the click of a button, that is the purpose of software for manufacturing, consistency across the business. An extremely easy to use enterprise software package should possess this ability when the interface is thought out process and follows the natural flow of manufacturing. SMARTer Manager has accomplished this in several ways through the control and manipulation of the information you need, the way you need it. With many “Wizards” we guide you through easy to understand steps that make your day-to-day operations simpler, so you are spending your time on what matters most, meeting production deadlines on time.







Customizable, Visual Communication

Communicate through documentation, drawings, video and more effectively; making it easy to implement strict adherence to SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and improve quality control with SMARTer Manager’s Object Manager. With features like 3D graphing, CAD drawing support, red lining, annotations and attachment support at virtually every aspect of the job and facility provides an easy visual reference point to each user.

Using customizable manufacturing ERP software, you have the added benefit of Automated Business Processes,  alerts to specific events and alarms such as inventory reorder points and scheduling bottlenecks.







Real-time, Reliable, Accurate Data

Using bar-coding technology, you will have the ability to collect real-time, accurate employee timecards, payroll, and job costing data throughout the system upon the engagement and completion of each process. SMARTer technology is true single click technology and doesn’t use any “batch” type updating; which means that as soon as the click happens all departments and their respective data is updated, so there is not any delay of communication throughout your business. Another critical data point that makes it easy for management to make real-time decisions about production runs and cost through data analysis because SMARTer Manager is specifically designed software for manufacturing.





Manage Your Manufacturing with SMARTer ERP Software

SMe Software’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) includes these top level modules:

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