Shop Folder Wizard

Manufacturing Shop Folder Wizard

Customized Manufacturing Software

Every manufacturer has its own unique way of doing things and industry specific requirements. We understand that a job shop might need to track manufacturing history differently than an assemble-to-order manufacturer.

Shop Folder Wizard.

SMARTer Manager’s™ Shop Folder Wizard makes sure you can customize information to your industry or business.

Using the Shop Folder Wizard you create your own customized data entry tab that will appear with each Production Order. With as many as:

  • 20 alphanumeric fields
  • 10 numeric fields
  • 30 user-definable labels
  • Notepad with unlimited space

Shop Folder Customize Manufacturing Software.

you’ll be able to implement critical quality control and audit measures including a place for user date and time stamped notes. Out run the competition,Increase your quality and production with SMARTer Manager™. Our Team, is on Your Team!Shop Folder Customize Manufacturing Software.