Product Engineer

What is SMARTer Manager?

SMARTer Manager's Bill of Materials (BOM) management software module is one of the several ways we support the engineering department.

How can it help me with product development?

With SMARTer Manager you can create and maintain unlimited indented BOM work structures. Our BOM implementation includes Change History Tracking, Where Used support, and the ability to create Estimates, Production Orders, and Master Assembly Orders directly from BOM software module.

SMARTer Manager's CAD image support, red-lining, and comprehensive note management are also excellent tools for keeping production and engineering in sync.

After 20 years, we know what you, as a manufacturer, are looking for in your Bill of Materials software system. SMARTer Manager knows how to “Keep the ball rolling with tools that build success.℠” Your SMARTer Manager, Bill of Materials solution, will save you time, save you headaches, and save you money.

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What is SMARTer Manager?

SMARTer Manager is a business analysis tool that keeps you completely informed. Flexible enough for the discrete manufacturer, mixed mode or a repetitive manufacturer.

How can it make my life easier?

The financial position of your company is a major part of the decision-making process from day-to-day, and cash management is essential to your longevity and success. Our financial software modules are designed to meet all your needs; whether it's simple bookkeeping, corporate accounting, payroll, or job costing.

SMARTer Manager takes the tremendous volume of daily business data and turns it into meaningful information. This is especially important for executive management where time is short, and critical decisions need to be made. Using a manufacturing financial software system that is integrated with all your manufacturing processes guarantees that your data is accurate and reliable.

SMARTer Manager's financial modules will "keep the ball rolling" - and keep it profitable.

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What is SMARTer Manager?

SMARTer Manager is a sales and marketing tool that allows you to offer superior customer service.

How can it help me service my customers and sell more effectively?

With SMARTer Manager your sales team will know what customers are buying. They'll know inventory stock levels. They'll know production capacity, and all of this translates directly into greater customer satisfaction. SMARTer Manager supports a wide variety of manufacturing types: Make-to-Order, Make-to-Stock, Configure-to-Order, Engineer-to-Order or drop shop distribution. All are handled through our Sales Order Software System which is tightly integrated with inventory, MRP and production requirements along with our Bill of Material module. Regardless of where the order starts, SMARTer Manager will keep all the links connected and updated in real-time, so your sales team will know every step of the way where the order is.

Our integration with, the leading sales force automation software, is part of an on-going effort to deliver the most powerful ERP solution for manufacturing management on the market.

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