Job Tracking with Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection

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Features and Benefits of real-time shop floor data collection

Real-time shop floor data collection helps job tracking through your manufacturing and production process and are critical for on-time deliveries which translate to satisfied customers. Using bar-coded job tracking software allows employees to scan on and off each operation of the production order while tracking quantity built and scrapped.

Okay, so you know who’s on the job, how long it’s been running and its status. Was it profitable? Did the estimated cycle time or estimated hours exceed the actual time? SMARTer Manager’s™ Real Tim Shop Floor Data Collection System (DCS) accurately tracks your manufacturing process and applies true costing for labor, material and other associated job costs as it happens. Accuracy means profitability!

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SMARTer Manager™ real-time job tracking software, or more commonly referred to as shop floor tracking software, uses the most technologically advanced equipment to do this in real-time. This ensures that information is validated immediately.

Real-time shop floor software eliminates manual time card entry, provides you with “up to the second” work in process, and direct job costs.  Our real-time Data Collection system’s on-screen interface, manager’s can view employee activity and job status on the shop floor as it happens.

Features & Benefits of Real-Time Shop Floor Data Collection



  • Instantaneous access to shop floor activity
  • Two-way communication between terminals and network
  • All entries are immediately validated.
  • Employees can log on to multiple jobs simultaneously
  • Track parts built and parts scrapped
  • Bar-coded shop traveler
    real-time shop floor data collection equipment
    Shop Floor Data Collection for Real Time Tracking
  • 3-D graphing of all information
  • Links directly with ABRA Payroll & Quickbooks
  • Timecards can be edited after the fact
  • Employees can insert missed operations on the fly
  • Employees can substitute resources on the fly
  • Employees can bypass operations
  • Log onto multiple processes of multiple jobs

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  • Instantaneous access to shop floor activity via on-screen interface
  • Simplifies data entry
  • Drastically reduces administrative time and reduces the margin of error
  • Shop floor employees find this to be an easier method of time tracking
  • Real-time job tracking means real-time accurate job costing
  • Logging on to multiple jobs simultaneously allows for higher productivity per employee
  • In seconds, shop floor personnel are notified if the scanned information is correct.
  • Allowing for missed or skipped operations permits the manufacturing to continue uninterrupted