SMARTer Manager’s Job Cost

One Integrated System, Real-Time Data, Accurate Job Costing – That’s SMARTer™!

Job Cost Analysis Percent - Manufacturing Software
Job Cost Analysis by Percentage. The graph can is easily edited on the fly. Print, export, edit and save right from this screen at every job.

Job cost analysis is crucial to any business. How often have you wished you come immediately look at a job and see your gross margin or, better yet, compare the anticipated gross margin from your estimate to your actual?

Questions like these and more can be answered with SMARTer Manager. We understand how critical Job Costing is to your daily operations, and have, therefore, designed a user-friendly interface that uses simple terminology and minimal steps to get your questions answered. We eliminate duplicate data entry by linking our modules so that all your costs can be captured and associated correctly with each job in real-time. Should you require flexibility for a specific job or for new costs, you may apply changes as they occur.

Job Cost Integration

As a result of such versatility and accurate job history, you can perform cost analysis in order to forecast new product manufacturing or even global marketing expansion. SMARTer Manager Job Costing is just another demonstration of how SMe Software helps you with your vision for the future.

Linking to SMARTer Manager’s Accounting module eliminates duplicate entries between departments. Say you’re on the phone with the buyer and he wants you to run a job again. You’ll see on-screen how much each part costs and the overall profitability. Drilling down to individual job costs is a mouse click away! You can even graph your results using our 3-D graph library.

Automatically have your inventory levels increase or decrease as orders are placed and purchase orders are received and simultaneously reserve the inventory and apply the cost to the job. Costs apply to labor, overhead, shipping, subcontractors, and others; now you can track and associate these directly to an individual shipment or an order. Make sure you’re always operating efficiently and competitively. Versatile with costing methods to meet your needs.

Making educated decisions for new products, global market expansion, machine/tooling purchases is a necessity in today’s market. With different shipments of the same part you may have different associated costs due to labor or material. It’s easy to keep track of those with our discrete costing ability with real-time job costing.

Job Cost Analysis - Manufacturing Software
Job Cost Analysis by Dollar

With SMARTer Manager it’s Easy!

SMARTer Manager is built around the philosophy that even the most powerful features and complex issues can be easy to master with a carefully and thoughtfully designed product. We sincerely believe that you will find no finer system design or user interface on the market today.


  • Real-time job costing of materials and labor.
  • Costs accumulate in real-time.
  • Completely integrated into all SMARTer Manager modules for accurate data collection.
  • Track costs to individual shipments and orders.
  • Associate additional expenses to a job through the accounts payable module.
  • Activity-based cost accounting, standard, average, LIFO, FIFO.
  • Production margin and cost analysis by part, assembly, company location, department, or market segment.
  • Create multiple costs for a designated part.


  • See costs accumulate on the screen
  • Direct link to inventory with each order capturing all costs
  • Direct linking of purchase orders to all financials
  • Track costs to individual shipments
  • Maintain inventory stock levels as items are purchased
  • Ability to associate additional expenses to a work order from the A/P module
  • Integrated accounting and production modules eliminate duplicate entries between departments.
  • Know the cost and profitability of every job, order and part.
  • Drilling down to individual job costs is a mouse click away.
  • Inventory levels increase or decrease as orders are placed and purchase orders are received.
Job Cost Analysis Statistics - Manufacturing Software
Job Cost Analysis Full Statistics Per Job and Per Shipment