Archive and Restore Data with SMARTer Archive

Archive and Restore Manufacturing Data

Archive and Restore manufacturing data using SMARTer Manager’sData Archive Utility.  You can now archive restore manufacturing data or ERP data allowing you to clean up unwanted production data and reduce the database size without deleting the data. Having a backup is not the same as archiving your data. A backup of your manufacturing business data is a must but having and archive of your data for a specific time period that can be restored into your current database is key. Restoring a backup overwrites your current database where an archive restores the data back to your current database and can be archived out of the database once you’re done working with it.

Running multiple databases? Don’t worry; our archive utility allows you to file any of your SMARTer Manager manufacturing databases inside a historical archive database. The archived database allows you to restore the data back to the database you are currently working on. You suddenly get an audit notice or you have a returning customer, vendor or employee, no problem simply restore the archive you created and the data is automatically updated and appears in your current database, it’s that easy.

Archive and Restore Manufacturing Data, SMARTer Manager Archive Restore for manufacturing databases

The SMARTer Restore Utility keeps an updated list of all data archives available for restore. Each data archive list pertains to the selected manufacturing database.

You can restore all or one of the previously created database archives.

Simply select the archive you would like to restore, click the Restore Checked Archive button and all your data is back.

That’s SMARTer™!

Features and Benefits

  • Archive Inactive Records
    • Customer
    • Employee
    • Vendor
  • Archive By Date Range
  • Archive Checkbook(s) by Check Number Range.
  • Archive Multiple Databases.
  • Meet record retention regulations.
  • Adhere to audit requirements.
  • Eliminate data bulge.
  • Remove old records.
  • Maintain fresh data.
  • Restore historical data.
  • Easy to locate or find data.