Sales Order Software

Sales Order Software Management

When sales is preparing to take an order, they need assurance that ALL the information is retrieved is timely and accurate, whether it is stock levels, production and delivery times, even product substitutions, if available. SMARTer Manager’s™ Sales Order module enhances your customer service ability.


With SMARTer Manager™ sales order software, making a sales order into a production order is a one-click process.

When a sales order is created, SMARTer Manager™ sales tracking software automatically checks and makes a reservation or requirement for all of the materials and resources required by your sales order. If the material is not available according to the sales inventory software, a material requirement will be issued to the purchasing or production.



    • Multi-line items on a single order.
    • Search and find inventory levels on all ordered items.
    • identify lot and serial numbers from all inventory locations.
    • Authorize and accept returns by: Item, Order Number, Purchase Order or Invoice and immediately ship the replacement!
    • Track sales commissions and analyze success rates.
    • Instantly create a production order and have it scheduled.
    • Generate price lists for items previously produced.

With this kind of closed-loop material resource planning, lead times are forecast accurately and the production schedule can be accurately maintained.