Business Analysis Reports

Manufacturing Business Analysis Reporting Software

Manufacturing business analysis reporting doesn’t have to be a daunting task, it should be as easy as drag ‘n drop. As a business analyst in manufacturing you’re the expert. A lot of responsibility can fall on your shoulders when it comes to manufacturing, financials and production data that is the life blood of your operations and being able to access the data for analytical purposes is a must if you’re going to perform your job duties well.

Manipulating data for performance analysis and turning your calculations into real-world, easy to understand layman terms isn’t any easy task, but with SMARTer Manager’s business analysis reporting tools life just got a little simpler. If you’re familiar with spreadsheet software and drag ‘n drop functions then you’ll have no problem with our software tools that were designed to make the creation of your manufacturing reports easy.

Business Analytical & Reporting Software for manufacturing

With SMARTer Manager’s™ manufacturing business analysis reporting software you’ll be sure to have a complete view of everything from shop floor activity to your last General Ledger batch posting.
Whether it’s collaboration, auditing or manufacturing analysis you need to accomplish, all your company’s data can be emailed, faxed or exported to such programs as Excel®, Word® or even HTML format.

All of our business analysis reports can be customized to meet your companies needs using Crystal Reports® or you can create your own custom report using our manufacturing reporting tools.


  • Access Data Easily

A wide range of built-in manufacturing reporting tools let you accomplish unlimited types of data analysis. Choose your data sources and create customized reports for any query.

  • Design Manufacturing Reports Quickly

Our manufacturing reporting software drag-and-drop interface, the option to edit reports while viewing live data, and an interface designed to make common reporting tasks highly efficient all help you design manufacturing software analysis reports more productively.

  • Distribute Analysis Reports

It’s easy to send it just about anywhere, in practically any format. Export your report to a wide variety of popular formats including Microsoft Word®,and Microsoft Excel®,PDF®, HTML or even e-mail.

  • Build Real Time Manufacturing Reports

Place the data in your report wherever you want and customize it to look any way you choose; reports can be as simple or as complex as your needs demand.