Manufacturing shop floor control software system by SMe Software, Inc.


With SMe Software’s shop floor system your employees will stay informed with up to the second real-time data across the entire manufacturing processes, from estimates to shipping out the door.

Smart shop floor control software should evaluate, prioritize, manage, track and report in real-time the necessary and critical manufacturing process. You should be in control of what is a critical manufacturing process on your shop floor and the production control software should do the rest.

The only avenue to getting accurate job costing is with one shop floor control solution that pays attention to labor, resources, and capacity planning and scheduling with closed loop MRP integration as the production order moves through the shop floor; that is what SMARTer Manager does.

SMARTer Manager, since 1987, continues to be the choice for manufacturing shop floor control software systems for small to mid-size manufacturers. Whether you are a Make-To-Order (MTO), Make-To-Stock (MTS), Engineered-To-Order (ETO), Job Shop, or somewhere in between; you need an easy to use, smart, manufacturing shop floor control software system.manufacturing shop floor control software