Order Management Manufacturing Software

Production Order Management Software built for the small to mid-size manufacturer. With SMARTer Manager’s™ Production capabilities, you are in charge of the most valuable commodity in your facility: Information.

Production Order Management Software
Production Order Management Software

The Production Orders Management Software module is the heart of SMARTer Manager. The module acts as the “command post” for the job control process.

  • At a glance, you can see the size of the production order, the quantity shipped, and the balance due.
  • You can examine the job’s operations (or work centers), list material requirements, review the job’s costs, synchronize time and material to the job’s cost, enter certification data, and log additional charges.
  • You can also check for credit approval, enter custom data on the Shop Folder, print a shop traveler, check inventory status, view job and shipment cost analysis, and associate images with the order for viewing on screen or printing on the traveler.

SMARTer Manager’s™ Order Management Software is designed for a broad range of manufacturers and has default supports for different production order types that are typical in several manufacturing industries.

These job types allow make-to-order, repetitive, and mixed-mode manufacturers to tailor each job to the appropriate production model. SMARTer Manager’s™ job types include standard, template, blanket order, unfinished, master-assembly, sub-assembly, and component.

Working smarter, not harder is easy with SMARTer Manager’s™ Production Order Management Software.

Production Work Order software for manufacturing

Features and Benefits

  • Supports multiple job types.
  • Supports Blanket and Template orders.
  • Multiple options for data based on your needs.
  • Quick and easy access to all the job information.
  • Unlimited shipment schedules.
  • Incremental and split shipments.
  • Full auto integration with:
  • One comprehensive solution for your environment.
  • Easy to use.
  • Save man hours .
  • Accurate inventory.
  • Accurate Labor and Materials.
  • Real-time job costing.
  • Increase profitability.
  • Control customer credit lines.