Indented Work Structure Assembly Wizard

Indented Work Structure Assembly Wizard

With our Master Item Assembly Wizard software you will be able to setup all of your Master Item jobs from existing production orders with ease and its an unlimited master assembly structure.

The Indented Work Structure Assembly Wizard (IWS) provides a structural view into the master assembly production order. It is an essential tool for planning and executing the job. Use the IWS to define the work for the project and to develop a schedule.

The IWS Assembly Wizard is a module independent of the Bill of Materials Software Module within SMARTer Manager. The Wizard is available for any production order that has a job type of Master Assembly.

Master Assembly Wizard for Manufacturing

Using the Indented Work Structure Assembly Wizard you can construct a tree for each shipment associated with the Master Job. Adding sub-assembly jobs and component jobs to the tree is done through a simple drag and drop.

You can rearrange the tree to fit your scheduling and viewing needs. Whether you are new to project management, or been doing project management for many years, you’re sure to find IWS Assembly Wizard helpful in managing and creating your projects.

Let the manufacturing software wizard walk you through synchronizing any production order with the master item. Even if the customer needs to add a part or change the configuration the master assembly software will guide you through adding it to the existing order.

Forget about being the ‘guru’ and let the SMARTer Manager™ Assembly Wizard Software do the work. You can set-up complicated assemblies to include sub-assemblies, multiple parts, and get your Bill of Materials (BOM) all with our Master Assembly Wizard.

Master Assembly tree from the Assembly Wizard