Lean Manufacturing Software Toolbox

Lean Manufacturing Software Toolbox

tool-box (tül-bäks) n. 1. A device used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work.

In the Manufacturing Toolbox, you’ll find access to system setup and maintenance. Much of the setup needs to be completed before you process your first order.Machinist Tool Box

Most manufacturers need to access their critical manufacturing process on the fly and don’t have time hunting through numerous screens to find what they are looking for; that’s why with SMe’s manufacturing software we have created multiple areas to access the same information across your organization.

Inside the manufacturing software toolbox, you’ll find all the tables in one easy place that store all your company’s preferred settings. Completing these tables prior to processing an order allows SMARTer Manager™ to validate information as it’s entered. The View Builder, Business Manager, Object Manager, and SMARTer Report Writer and other lean manufacturing tools are also accessed through the manufacturing software Toolbox. System tables for scheduling are also accessible from both the scheduling module and the manufacturing toolbox menus allowing users to change defaults on the fly while keeping your company’s more critical data safe through security functions set at the user, group, field, and module levels.

The manufacturing toolbox gives you more control over your default lean settings, company wide settings, and security. SMARTer Manager’s security reaches to the field level and is controlled by an easy to use interface.

SMARTer Manager™ uses a relational database, storing frequently used information in tables for convenient and consistent access. That means no batch processing, no logging everyone out so the database can be updated and with OneClick the whole organization sees the same data at the same time; That’s SMARTer™!

Lean manufacturing software is built to simplify the process of inputting, retrieving and posting data. Eliminating waste across the manufacturing organization whether it’s during the manufacturing process or the daily business activities Muda, Mura, Muri, eliminate any action that causes waste.  

Inside the lean manufacturing software toolbox, you’ll find all the modules you need to guarantee data consistency throughout the manufacturing software.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy, organized, single access for all your default business settings.
    • With SMARTer Manager’s Facility window, you record the information that defines how your facility does business, and you record many of the default settings used throughout SMARTer Manager.

  •  A single System Preference module that is controlled by your manufacturing system administrator.
    • Provides quick access to user specific and system wide preferences eliminating costly data entry mistakes and guarantees default data consistency at every module level.
  • Reduce data entry and eliminate duplicating steps to get the job out the door.
    • Quick and easy access to your default resources, work centers, inventory ABC calculations, and standardizing forms are all stored in the toolbox.