SMARTer Manager Overview

Manufacturing Management Software

Easy to use Manufacturing Management Software for the small to mid-sized manufacturing business is what we do best.
Are you a small to mid-size manufacturing business in need of manufacturing business software and shop floor software that’s more than ERP, MRP or MRPII? SMe Software,Inc. has the answer!

easy to use manufacturing software for small business or large manufacturing business

We’ll help you design the perfect solution to meet your business needs and implement our software based on your business processes, we’ll bend to you.

Small to mid-size manufacturers have been using SMe Software’s products since 1987 to increase profits, automate business processes and utilize a single software system specifically designed for manufacturing.

With shop floor software, quality control software, or a full manufacturing management software suite, we can help you lean your processes and increase your bottom line.

Closed loop automation throughout the manufacturing process, cradle to grave manufacturing solution.


With SMARTer Manager™ you can achieve total control over your manufacturing business environment while keeping the front office and sales in the loop with your production floor using OneClick technology, That’s SMARTer™!

Automation is key to measuring and managing any manufacturing environment and using master scheduling software with shop floor bar coding technology just got smarter.

Do you need lean manufacturing principles in a enterprise wide software solution built for the small to mid-size manufacturer?

  • Solving pains since 1987
  • Can’t easily find the cost from the last time you quoted a part?
  • Tired of trying to manage inventory using spreadsheets?
  • Frustrated in trying to get the data you need to see everyday?
  • Having a difficult time tracking the customer’s order on your shop floor?
  • Don’t have time to figure out a complex and expensive manufacturing software system?
  • We made it SMARTer with manufacturing business software & shop floor software that is both user-friendly and configurable.
  • Everything to fit your unique manufacturing business environment. Don’t change your manufacturing business processes, get smart software for manufacturing that works for you.