Payroll Software Wizard

Payroll Wizard

Our payroll wizards are designed integration with leading payroll and human resources software. We’ll walk you through each step of the payroll process’ export and import of information keeping all your company payroll and financials updated in one software solution.

Alleviate the headaches caused by other complicated ERP and MRP II systems where you only get half the financial view of your manufacturing company’s data, let the payroll wizard do the work for you.

Export timecards and import payroll checks, liabilites, and other payroll information with ease; guaranteeing that your financial reporting includes all the costs associated with your manufacturing process.

SMARTer Manager™ Payroll Software Wizard

Features and Benefits

  • Process payroll in-house and gain control, avoiding increasing fees, errors and scheduling problems. Not to mention lost interest from early collection of payroll taxes.
  • Cut your cost-per-hire expense. With integration you’ll accelerate and streamlines recruiting, so you get the right people in the right jobs, faster.
  • Make training dollars work harder. Better target your training dollars so your workforce remains competitive.
  • Avoid government non-compliance fines, penalties and audits. 200 + reports for meeting and proving compliance.
  • Minimize employee benefits expenses. Project potential costs more easily.

That’s the SMARTer Payroll Wizard