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It’s more than nuts and bolts, it’s the backbone to the bridge between your customers and production!

SMARTer Manager streamlines the configuration process with the introduction of the Product Configurator module.  The SMARTer Product Configurator is a complete tool to help small-to-midsize manufacturers profitably customize products based on customer needs by helping define and verify make-to-order requirements.  This rules-based configurator captures the valuable know-how of your engineering and manufacturing groups. Developed for manufacturers of complex and widely variable or customizable products, SMARTer Configurator is one of the only configuration applications developed as an integral component of a full-featured ERP application (manufacturing management software).

Interactive Bridge:

The SMARTer Product Configurator provides you with an interactive bridge from your customers to your production operations.  You begin by using the visual designer to create a form with the options available to the customer.  This process is often based on existing product catalogs or quote sheets.   The visual form can be as simple or complex as needed. Once the form has been modeled, you’ll create the rules and relationships using a built-in scripting language.

The rules guarantee that only viable configurations are created and that all necessary information is provided before the configuration is considered ready for production.   The final step is to associate the options, and rules with the creation of material requirements, and production operations.  The SMARTer Configurator makes this easy with a built-in code generation tool. The end result is that material and operations are automatically inserted, modified, or removed as changes are made to the configuration options.

Multiple Points of Entry:

With multiple points of entry, you can configure a product in SMARTer Manager’s Estimates, Sales Order, or Production Order modules.  Customer requirements are matched to product options and specifications based on the exact dependencies defined by your engineering staff.

For example, certain options which inherently follow as a result of earlier choices are automatically included without asking the user a redundant question.  Additionally, SMARTer Product Configurator supports the use of multimedia files to visually aid the configuration process.  You can create configurations that include drawings, graphics, photos, images, movies and even audio files.

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product configurator for manufacturingPowerful & Robust – You’re in Control: 

SMARTer Product Configurator provides a powerful, robust designer to build and maintain your company’s product knowledge base and to develop graphical forms for user interaction.  The designer palette features a full array of components, for creating and maintaining the Product Configurator.

The visual interface of the script form and object inspector provide the developer with simple, intuitive tools.  SMARTer Product Configurator can be maintained by your IT staff familiar with standard visual programming tools and scripting languages, or SMARTer Manager’s consulting group can work with you to develop a complete product line.

Eliminate Design & Production Errors:

By using SMARTer Product Configurator your company delivers the configure-to-order service that customers are demanding while eliminating design and production errors.  You save lead time and delivery costs, while customer requirements are matched accurately.  Ask about SMARTer Product Configurator for improved planning accuracy and capacity utilization while increasing customer satisfaction.

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