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The Process Plan is the heart of the production scheduling process, and ours includes some unique capabilities. We support multiple resources per operation. This is the only way you can create schedules where a machine, tooling or molds, and specific class of operator must all be combined to complete the operation.

Our resource substitution feature spreads the load evenly across equipment with similar capabilities. As a true finite scheduler, no manual resource leveling is ever required to achieve a maximum capacity balance throughout the shop, it does all the thinking based on your initial inputs. Enter the data once and the production planning and process plan will give you the best manufacturing schedule for your shop, factory or plant.Process Planning & Scheduling Software

Operation grouping is another unique feature that allows you to indicate operations that must be scheduled consecutively.

For example your setup, first article inspection, and run operations would be grouped to ensure an accurate schedule. Who’s working on the job? Where is it, and how long has it been running? Our shop floor data collection terminals provide accurate real-time answers.

Equally important is our production process plan’s ability to use this data to synchronize and update the status of the production schedule. You’ll know if an operation is running long, never started, or even if it finished early. Only this real-world, real-time synchronization can keep your plant running at peak efficiency.

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SMARTer Manager’s Production Process Planning provides a way to monitor all job operations on your production floor. Within Process Plans, you can work with each operation that pertains to a specific job.