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Now you can extend SMARTer Manager across the entire enterprise by extending access to any device, at any location, through any connection.

The SMARTer Manager Terminal Server Edition was one of the first products in the world to be certified as compatible with Terminal Server. With this edition, SMARTer Manager users now have a powerful remote access solution that goes well beyond typical web-client access. When combined with Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, or other remote/virtualization options the reach of SMARTer Manager is extended even further to include virtually any compatible device, location or connection.

Today’s enterprises are growing at a rapid rate, and in many different directions. Employees are spread around the nation in different operations, or working from homes, hotels, customer locations and many other places. SMARTer Manager has provided the affordable solution for your critical computing needs, across the world, across the internet. This robust technology offers enterprises a cost-effective way to deploy, manage and support applications from a single point..

SMARTer Manager Multi-Location - Terminal ServerSMARTer Manger Terminal Server edition connects SMARTer Manager users to the network through standard telephone lines, WAN links, broadband connections, wireless connections, as well as the Internet or corporate Intranets. Companies can extend SMARTer Manager applications to users at remote locations because the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) protocol is optimized for low bandwidth connections. That’s why ICA has become a de facto industry standard for delivering corporate applications across the broadest variety of desktop platforms and networks.

On the server, ICA has the unique ability to separate the SMARTer Manager program logic from the user interface. On the client, users see and work with SMARTer Manager’s interface, but 100% of the application executes on the server. And with ICA, SMARTer Manager will consume as little as one-tenth of it’s normal network bandwidth.

You can instantly provide access to SMARTer Manager across virtually any type of network connection to any type of client. You get the power of single-point control for deploying, managing and supporting applications, including enterprise-wide rollouts, updates and additions. Users get the universal access to SMARTer Manager, exceptional performance they require, and the ease of use they’re accustomed to. Plus, it’s cost-effective and secure.

SMe Software, Inc. is committed to the Microsoft Terminal Server and Citrix technology. SMARTer Manager was one of the first five products in the world to pass the VeriTest MTS compliance tests, and we’re also an official Citrix Business Alliance Member.

As the size of your enterprise grows, SMARTer Manager grows with you!