Shop Floor Tracking and Data Collection

Shop Floor Tracking Wizard

Who’s working on the job? Where in the production process is it? Are you going to meet the delivery date?

SMARTer Manager’s™ shop floor Data Collection terminals will give you total shop floor control and provide accurate real time answers. Equally important in any shop floor environment is the synchronization between your shop floor software and your scheduling software.

We understand the necessity of implementing one system and that’s why our scheduler has the ability to use this data to synchronize and update the status of the job at each process step. You’ll know if an operation is running long, never started, or even if it finished early. Only this real world, real time synchronization can keep your shop floor at peak performance and efficiency.

With SMARTer Manager™ real-time Tracking you’ll see what’s required for the completion of each job, associated job costs, even quantity scrapped. Select to view the jobs on your shop floor by job number, work centers, customer, employee… all in real-time with our Shop Floor Tracking Wizard.

Real-Time Shop Floor Tracking for Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Tracking Wizard is used to construct a custom view of the shop floor activity. You can restrict real-time shop floor barcoding data that appears in the Real-Time Tracking. Tracking your shop floor with manufacturing software that listens to the manufacturer & provides measured results.

With the ability to select multiple manufacturing process tracking criteria such as:


  • Specific date range
  • List or Range of Job Numbers
  • List of Work Centers
  • List of Employees
  • List of Customers


One of the most powerful features of our Real-Time Shop Floor Tracking wizard is its ability to combine these elements in an infinite number of ways to produce a highly focused view of the shop floor production.

Real time is OneClick away with SMARTer Manager™.