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Manufacturing Software Wizards

Through SMARTer Manager’s™ numerous manufacturing software wizards you can customize, setup, modify and enter information specific to your industry or business.

No need to concern yourself with learning how to work through certain tasks with SMARTer Manager™. Within our manufacturing software we have designed Wizards that will step you through certain processes making it easier to manage your manufacturing software and complicated annual task are simplified.

Manufacturing software wizards help guide you through setup tasks that may be complex, unfamiliar or only need to happen occasionally. We’ve defined certain steps that are easy to follow and laid out in a question and answer format for areas like entering indented work structures, designing a shop folder to track information specific to your business, or tracking shop floor activity based on job, customer, employee or date.

There’s even wizards to assist with your accounting needs like reopening GL periods, starting new periods or opening your new year books. With our manufacturing software wizards we make the steps easy, it’s your personal assistant to keeping your manufacturing data up-to-date from the front office to the shop floor. Let us show you how we make it easy.

manufacturing software wizards assembly-wizard-bill-of-material-softwareSet-up complicated assemblies to include sub assemblies, multiple parts, raw material, and get your Bill of Materials (BOM) all with our Assembly Wizard. Alleviate the headaches given to your employees by other ERP Manufacturing Software and MRPII software systems, SMe Software delivers solutions!

manufacturing software wizards real-time-tracking



Select to view your jobs by job number, date, work center, customer, employee… all in real-time with our Tracking Wizard. You will actually be able to see what’s required for the completion of each job, associated job costs, even quantity scrapped. Another powerful “tool to help you build your success.”

manufacturing software wizards shop folder

We understand that every company has its own unique way of doing things. Here is where you can customize information specifically to your industry or business. For example, our Shop Folder wizard allows you to create your own data entry form with labels and alpha-numeric fields. It’s easy as drag and drop!