Manufacturing Production Manager Software

As the Manufacturing Production Manager your responsibilities and duties affect the whole manufacturing operation and your company is counting on you to make the smartest decisions.

Having a hard time maximizing your resource utilization while minimizing your Work In Process (WIP) and Throughput Time?

Need a better view into your inventory to help with inventory requirements and better forecasting to achieve your expected production targets?

No problem. With the right manufacturing management software, like SMARTer Manager, you’ll be able to do that and more.  Manufacturing software should help you manage like a live production assistant that doesn’t talk back.

Here’s how our manufacturing management software can help you ensure that the shop is operating at capacity and you’re delivering on time.

manufacturing-production manager-smarter managerWith SMARTer Manager you’ll know what’s needed, where it’s needed, and most importantly, when it’s needed. The Finite Scheduling module is one of the most powerful features in the product, and its the key to truly maximizing your resources and dealing with constant change and pressure you face everyday.

No more disconnected spreadsheets and paper notes to try and keep the shop floor productive while reducing cost and making the team happy. Easy to use, easy on the eyes and easy to follow manufacturing software that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to interpret, not that we have anything against rocket scientist.

Most of the time you just need a quick and easy way to find data that is updated in real-time so you can answer the repetitive questions:

  • Where’s the job?
  • Has the job started?
  • When will the job ship?
  • Have we received all the material?
  • Will the job ship on time?