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SMARTer Manager| Manufacturing Management Software

For Small To Mid-Size manufacturers

SMe Software’s core manufacturing software for small to mid-size manufacturers starts with SMARTer Manager. Developed with a full suite of  manufacturing management software  tools and  is available in a Standard Edition, Mid-Size Edition and an Enterprise Edition.

Why choose SMARTer Manager as your manufacturing software solution? We’ve been assisting manufacturers like you since 1987 to tighten their schedules, increase their on-time deliveries and minimize their data entry by using a single software solution specifically designed with expert manufacturer’s input.

You don’t have to start with the full suite of software if you don’t have a need. We’ll help you choose the right modules based on your manufacturing business processes and then stay with you beyond the sales and implementation process. If you know what you need in a manufacturing management software package, cool! We’ll get going with SMARTer Manager’s Enterprise edition and get you rolling with tools that build success.

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Why SMARTer Manager?


SMARTer Manager was built from the ground up as a Windows product using award winning technology to deliver unparalleled performance. We deliver the most advanced software system available in the manufacuring management market today.


SMARTer Manager uses an industry proven, Client/Server database engine that combines high performance, with rock-solid stability. It will deliver the same consistent performance regardless of whether you are connecting 10 Clients or 100 clients.


SMARTer Manager provides security on both the form and function levels. The form level can completely prohibit access to specific modules, while the function level controls who can perform critical tasks such as editing, adding, and deleting records.


SMARTer Manager is designed as a comprehensive solution for manufacturing, but no product can anticipate everything. That’s why we include the user configuration preference, free. Create a shop folder, configure a toolbar, or create a custom user interface!

SMARTer Manager Software Editions.

Standard  includes Job Control (Production Orders, Shipping, Customers, Vendors, Employees,Inventory, Indented Work Structure & Time Cards.)  with a couple of module Add-On options for barcode technology.

 Mid-Size includes Job Control (Production Orders, Shipping, Customers, Vendors, Employees,Inventory, Indented Work Structure & Time Cards.) and allows the company to mix-n-match Add-On modules which best suit your business needs. Modules can be added at any time, allowing the software to grow with you. The module licensing fee is per module regardless of how many concurrent users or system users you may have.

 Enterprise is what we like to call, “The Whole Ball of Wax”. Every module is included in SMARTer Manager.  ShopTrak Inventory Control  and Shop Floor Data Collection System (DCS) available as Add-On options. Please, contact our sales department for assistance in determining which edition best suits your business needs.