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Whether you’re a small machine shop with a few employees or a multisite, multi-location manufacturer, our machine shop software can make your manufacturing smarter. Your machine shop needs to meet the challenges of your customer’s demands like ever-changing due dates, … Read More

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Thank you for your interest in SMARTer Manager and SMe Software’s native applications. Please fill out the form and then we’ll have you on your way. A Sales Rep assigned to your company will contact you via email to see … Read More

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SMe Software, Inc. has developed what we believe is the industry’s best, state of the art, manufacturing management software. Whether you are a job shop, repetitive manufacturer or a little of both, SMARTer Manager™ can simplify your life. Since 1987, … Read More

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ERP Manufacturing At SMe Software we believe in partnerships with our users and they are #1! Of course on our site you will find partner testimonials but how many times do you find the Vendor bragging about the partner? With … Read More

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