ERP Software Solution Stories

ERP Manufacturing

At SMe Software we believe in partnerships with our users and they are #1! Of course on our site you will find partner testimonials but how many times do you find the Vendor bragging about the partner?

With SMARTer Manager’s™ loyal partnerships for 27 years, that’s 27 years from Smart Shop Plus DOS version to SMARTer Manager™ version, we thought it only fitting to display some of their sites here. We continue to maintain ERP Manufacturing relationships with companies that purchased our ERP manufacturing software when DOS was the only operating system!

We believe that vendors have bragging rights too!

S & B Machine Works

A multi-faceted, premier contract manufacturing company providing state of the art laser cutting services, precision CNC machining and sheet-metal fabricated parts for a wide variety of industries.

S & B Machine Works, a partner for over 18 years employs SMARTer Manager™ to manage all of their shop operations and utilizes the strength of SMARTer Manager™ ERP software solutions to make them a strong competitor in their local market.

Palma Tool & Die

An industry leader in high precision tool & die and a partner since 1997, Palma Tool employs cutting edge SMARTer Manager™ technology in their daily operations to assist them in working SMARTer, not harder.