Manufacturing Software

Standard Edition, Mid-Size and Enterprise Edition

SMARTer Manager is available in a Standard Edition, Mid-Size Edition and an Enterprise Edition.

Standard only includes Job Control with a couple of module Add On options for barcode technology.

Mid-Size includes Job Control and allows the company to mix-n-match Add On modules which best suit your business needs. Modules can be added at any time allowing the software to grow with you. The module licensing fee is per module regardless of how may concurrent user or system users you have.

Please, contact our sales department for assistance in determining which edition best suits your business needs.

Included Add On Ø Not Available






Job Control Production Orders, Shipping, Customers, Vendors, Employees,Inventory, Indented Work Structure & Time Cards.
Order Processing Ø
Estimating / “What If” Scheduling
Sales Orders
Accounting Ø
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
General Ledger
Financial Explorer
Extended Corporate Financial Reporting
Purchasing / Receiving
Scheduling & Tracking Ø
Real Time Tracking
Master Schedule
Resource Schedule / Capacity Planning
Process Plan
Bill of Material
Special Module Add On
ShopTrak: Inventory Control Barcode License + Equipment License + Equipment License + Equipment
Shop Floor & Costing Barcode Data Collection License + Equipment License + Equipment License + Equipment