Industrial Machine & Equipment Manufacturing Software

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Industrial Machine & Equipment Manufacturing Software

Agricultural – Construction – Mining – Metalworking – HVAC -Industrial Machinery – Engines/Turbines – Pumps

SMARTer Manager™ supports the industrial equipment & machine manufacturer and industries you support. SMe Software’s Industrial Machine & Equipment Manufacturing Software improves efficiency and management capabilities of highly complex bill of materials. SMARTer Manager’s Bill of Materials module manages the manufacturing process steps for industrial machine & equipment manufacturers with unlimited structure capabilities and cost roll ups.

Pressures to reduce costs and maximize profits have caused industrial equipment manufacturers to adopt new business practices and rely on more automated processes to keep costs in check – this is where SMARTer Manager™ shines with industrial equipment software system.

We’ve created a powerful industrial manufacturing software tool that can optimize and deliver all of your shop floor information, where you need it and when you need it. OneClick and it’s real-time.

As industrial equipment production becomes more automated, these jobs are becoming more complex. Fewer workers simply operate machines; most are now responsible for several areas of the manufacturing process.


Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited Bill of Materials tree
  • Process steps for each BOM component or sub-assembly
  • Engineering Change History & Notification
  • Globally add, copy or replace parts and material
  • Real-time tracking for production and inventory
  • Real-time job costing – Labor, materials, machines, outside services & more
  • Track, trace, issue & return inventory

SMARTer Manager’s™ custom, configurable user interface, allows each user to configure each portion of the industrial manufacturing software to meet their needs.

Employing the strength of SMARTer Manager and the custom interface users can enjoy;

And of course, all of this means maximized profits, and that’s SMARTer.