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    ERP Manufacturing Software Needs

    We can help you identify the best level enterprise system for your needs.

    If it doesn’t fit you don’t want to wear it.

    ERP Consultant?

    Can SMe Software help by being your ERP Consultant?

    We can. ERP Software implementation is just one of the services we offer.

    Order Processing

    Let SMARTer Manager’s™ order tracking software and automated information delivery system do the work for you and do it right the first time.

    Schedule & Track

    Tracking jobs through your manufacturing and production process is critical for on-time deliveries and satisfied customers and tracking it in real-time is a necessity.


    SMARTer Manager’s™ full suite of manufacturing accounting software and financial management manufacturing accounting system, along with user-friendly analysis tools, will meet all of your accounting needs.


    In the Manufacturing Toolbox you’ll find access to system setup and maintenance. Much of the setup needs to be completed before you process your first order.

    ERP Software Consultant - How Does It Work?

    Our ERP Software Consultants have years in the manufacturing industry helping a variety of manufacturers implement ERP Software on-site and remotely. SMe Software follows a simple guideline that we've developed over the last 30 years to ensure that we are a good fit.  

    During the process we'll help you find the right ERP Software fit for your company and manufacturing business process, we don't expect you to change the way you do business. We believe that most manufacturers need more than just and ERP Software solution. Manufacturing management software integrates every aspect of your business from creating an estimate to production and shipping a finished product to your customer.

    Here's what we'll do:

    1. Schedule a time to chat about your business and business needs.
    2. Provide a customized software demo with one of our ERP Software Consultants.
    3. Establish which software editions fits your manufacturing needs. 
      1. Here's the difference!
        1. Once the ERP Software Consultant has established the best software edition and any accompanying products, we'll move to Step 4.
        2. If we can't build a smart fit (highly unlikely), we'll recommend another solution! We don't want you to wear something that doesn't fit.
    4. Create and share an ERP Implementation project chart showing you how quick and easy the implementation process moves.
    5.  Thank you for adding us to your team. 

    That's pretty much it in a nutshell. There's no hassle, no spam, and no commitment to start the process, let us show you how we can make your manufacturing SMARTer.