How Will Auto Manufacturing Change in The Next Decade?

It’s no secret that the auto manufacturing sector has a turbulent history (as many people living in small town American manufacturing cities can attest!). However, as we have covered in the past, American manufacturing still has many bright days ahead … Continued

An ERP Implementation Q&A 

ERP Implementation   For many small and medium-sized manufacturing shops, the need for modern ERP software is quite clear: Unfortunately, the downside of ERP Implementation is also quite tangible. Business owners know that any change in operations–as profitable a move … Continued

Manufacturing and Globalization: Opportunities and Pain Points 

For decades now, one of the most important buzz words in American manufacturing has been globalization. Because the dawn of widescreen globalization brought about many drastic changes in the last half of the 20th century, many American manufacturers feel uneasy … Continued

Manufacturing Regulations 

Between state, federal, and local law, most manufacturing companies are governed by dozens–if not hundreds–of regulations regarding everything from manufacturing process to working conditions. Though the vast majority of small and medium-sized business owners do make an honest, good-faith effort … Continued

Machine Shop Manufacturing

Machine shop manufacturing is an umbrella term that covers many different manufacturers of many different products. There are, however, two basic characteristics that all machine shops share:   Machine Shop Manufacturing is Subtractive Manufacturing. It refers to the process of … Continued

Industrial Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing—How MRP Can Help

Industrial Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing is a diverse industry that produces an impressive range of products. Though the prevalent narrative in American culture would have you believe that Industrial Equipment and Machinery manufacturing is now something that happens exclusively overseas, … Continued

State of Louisiana’s Manufacturing Data – Fat Tuesday

What better day than #FatTuesday to take a look at the State of Louisiana’s Manufacturing Data? The State of Louisiana’s Manufacturing Data continues to grow. Louisiana’s export economy in 2014 reached $45.94 billion dollars in manufactured goods with 84.5% coming from … Continued

US Manufacturing

  Manufacturing has been important to the United States throughout the 20th and 21st centuries–even if that history has had its ups and downs. The 50’s and 60’s are generally considered to be the heyday of US manufacturing, as they … Continued

Manufacturing in the Midwest is Making a Comeback

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  By this point, we’re all pretty familiar with a standard narrative surrounding Midwestern manufacturing: though the region was once the industrial heartland of the country, the times have changed, and economic hardship has fallen upon many “rust belt” cities. … Continued

Build to Stock Manufacturing and ERP

In today’s world, nearly all manufacturers use some sort of ERP system–regardless of whether that company tends to build to order, or build to stock.  However, there are a few special reasons why build-to stock-manufacturers should consider investing in a … Continued