7 Signs Your Business Has Outgrown Spreadsheets

Even in 2016, there are still a surprising amount of manufacturing businesses that use spreadsheets to manage their data. Though this might seem like a cost effective solution that is manageable for a small business, the truth is that many … Continued

3 Important Solutions that SMe Software Offers

  Here at SMe Software, most of our new clients choose us either because they are tired of using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and other homemade solutions to manufacturing management; or because they are looking to upgrade from the manufacturing management … Continued

Manufacturing and Engineering Software: Tips for Smooth Implementation

Speaking with small business owners across the manufacturing industry, an important truth comes to light: even though nearly all businesses understand the importance of modern, integrated information systems, a great deal of business owners hesitate because they worry about the … Continued

Manufacturing by Industry: Electronics

Electronics manufacturing encompasses a wide variety of productions–from optoelectronics to circuit boards, and everything in between.  Though the industry is diverse and multi-faceted, one constant is important for all types of business: smart, efficient management. The SMARTer Manager system can … Continued

Made-to-Order Manufacturing

Made-to-order manufacturing (also known as built to order manufacturing) is the oldest model for manufacturing businesses.  As the name implies, made to order manufacturing businesses begin building their products upon receiving an order—generally allowing for customized specifications.  This makes the … Continued

When in Rome: Why Small and Medium Sized Businesses Must Keep Up with the Times

The Houston Chronicle reports that one of the main disadvantages faced by small businesses is the fact that they oftentimes do not have the “advanced technology” possessed by their larger competitors.  Using sub-par technology hurts efficiency, lowers customer satisfaction, and … Continued