Manufacturing ERP Software -7 Advantages

Part one of a two-part series about the advantages of Manufacturing ERP Software.   The Manufacturing Industry continues to grow and with growth comes challenges to meet the needs & expectations of the customers. To manage regulatory compliances & to … Continued

One Alternative To Three Distinct Systems

  Over the years, manufacturing has benefited enormously from the growth of technology. Though some small and even medium-sized businesses still use “homegrown” in-house technology solutions, the majority of companies are now switching over to standardized systems that offer increased … Continued

Three Distinct Types Of Manufacturing Processes

Here at SMe Software, we dedicate ourselves to serving the needs of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies. Within that seemingly narrow definition, there is actually a great deal of diversity. That diversity certainly applies to the industries that we work … Continued

The Resurging Importance of Manufacturing in the U.S.

  Many people in the U.S. today view domestic manufacturing jobs as a thing of the past. These people believe that the U.S. economy is now entirely dependent upon tertiary sector jobs such as services and marketing, and that there … Continued