SMARTer Manager Joins the World of Social Media

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HAYDEN, IDAHO – Manufacturers worldwide can now find SMARTer Manager on Facebook and Twitter.

The company joined both networks with the intent of interacting with customers, potential customers and the interested public. “Twitter is becoming such a popular network these days,” says Laura Beyer, marketing department at SMARTer Manager, “and nearly everyone is on Facebook, or knows someone who is. We couldn’t afford not to join. Now customers and non-customers alike have a way to keep up with SMARTer Manager in real-time. Not only will we be posting industry-relevant information, but also fun facts and some interesting things about us and our company that our customers may not have known before. Our goal is to make both networks something people will want to follow to see what kind of information we will share next. Twitter and Facebook will provide another way for customers to get in contact with us and will nicely compliment our Live Help feature, available on our website.”

To follow SMARTer Manager’s social media’s journey, become a follower on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook, or visit the SMARTer Manager website and click on the appropriate link at the top of the page.