One Alternative To Three Distinct Systems



One Alternative To Three Distinct SystemsOver the years, manufacturing has benefited enormously from the growth of technology. Though some small and even medium-sized businesses still use “homegrown” in-house technology solutions, the majority of companies are now switching over to standardized systems that offer increased efficiency, efficacy, and accuracy. In this article, we will discuss the three most common types of manufacturing technology solutions; and then we will present our 3 in 1 alternative!


In order to be successful in today’s competitive market, manufacturing companies must manage their resources wisely. That’s why Material Requirement Planning (MRP) technology was invented. MRP technology helps manufacturing companies calculate what materials they will need, in what quantities they we need them, and at what time.


From its inception, MRP technology made a big impact in the ability of companies to manage their resources efficiently. For this exact reason, a number of innovative thinkers began expanding the concept of MRP to other aspects of manufacturing: Shop floor control, capacity planning, scheduling, and forecasts are all good examples of the functions of MRP II.


Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP as it is frequently called, is perhaps the broadest application of the ideas found in MRP technology. ERP technology controls and analyzes information regarding many aspects of business function beyond manufacturing–from shipping to profitability to accounting to customer satisfaction; ERP can do it all.

SMARTer Manager

SMARTer Manager is a manufacturing software solution unlike any other. Not only does it come with the expert tech support and affordable pricing that make SMe Software a trusted name in the manufacturing industry: it is also the most integrated solution on the market. SMARTer Manager incorporates the functions of MRP, MRP II, and ERP technology into one, fully comprehensive system that makes business administration easier than ever before. Contact SMe Software for more information on the SMARTer Manager system today: you’ll be glad you did!