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  • State of the Profession 2018: Smart Factories Demand Smarter Engineers
    Increasing demand for smart devices and embedded intelligence is driving manufacturers in a variety of industries to invest in new production tools and technologies. Additive manufacturing, advanced s …
  • Troubleshooting the Dispensing Process
    Taken literally, the terms "accurate dispensing" and "dispensing with accuracy" are not interchangeable. In practice, however, manufacturers and their machine operators know that t …
  • Assembling 3D Printed Parts
    Additive manufacturing is no longer just for prototyping. More and more, the technology is being used to make production-ready parts. That's forcing engineers to begin thinking about joint design …
  • Cook Medical to Refit Cigarette Plant Into Medical Device Manufacturing Facility
    WINSTON-SALEM, NC—Cook Medical has announced plans to acquire an old cigarette factory here and convert it into a new medical device manufacturing plant.
  • Standardized assembly platforms save development time
    Designing a medical device or consumer product can take a long time. Designing an automated assembly system for those products shouldn’t add any more. Starting with a standardized assembly platform ca …
  • Lawsuit Alleges Becton Dickinson Has Monopoly on Safety Syringe Market
    EAST ST. LOUIS, IL—A group of healthcare providers has filed a lawsuit against medical device manufacturer Becton Dickinson (BD), accusing the company of monopolizing the U.S. safety syringe market an …
  • Feeders for Medical Device Assembly
    Medical devices pose a special challenge to designers of parts feeding equipment. Parts for such devices can be tiny, sharp, clingy, floppy, tangly; or some combination of those properties.
  • Laser Welding Plastic Medical Devices
    Comfort food can do more than just make a person feel good after a rough day. It can also be used, believe it or not, to help someone better understand a complex assembly technology.
  • Find the Right Medical Adhesive
    Picking the right adhesive almost always entails a balancing act as engineers attempt to find products that meet conflicting end-use and manufacturability requirements. Medical device engineers, who a …
  • MEP Aids Medical Device Manufacturers
    Bringing a medical device to market is a daunting prospect for even the largest manufacturers. There's nurturing a concept from prototype to finished product; determining how and where to manufac …

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