Job Shop and Tracking Software


Job Shop and Tracking Software

Careful control of materials and processes is important for all types of manufacturing–but it is especially critical for small businesses. After all, because small businesses frequently deal with custom orders and unique, detailed specifications, they must be prepared to handle unexpected scenarios efficiently. This is where tracking software comes into the equation.

What are the goals of job shop and tracking software?

Job shop and tracking software allows companies to understand costs, to control production, and to identify inefficiencies. They aim to give management all the tools needed for competitive success by carefully monitoring every transaction that goes on during the production process. Such software can help you track the labor and resources that go into a given job, it can give you real-time updates on the status of a job, and it can even keep you up to date on shipping information. This helps you better understand your strengths, identify weak points, and stay more connected with the entire production process.

What technologies do job shop and tracking software use?

Common examples of job shop and tracking software technologies include RFID chips, shop floor terminals, and web-based reporting. The most common tracking technology in the world, however, is something you probably see each and every day regardless of what you do: the barcode. Just as tracking technology can help grocery stores keep track of their inventory and eliminate waste and loss, it can also help manufacturing companies manage the same issues.

What are the most important factors to look for in job shop and tracking software?

Job shop and tracking software, like any investment your company makes, should be both efficient and effective in terms of accomplishing its goals. It should be cost efficient. And, (perhaps most importantly,) it should be easy to implement. Here at SMe Software, we believe that our job shop and tracking software fulfills all of those criteria, are we want to prove it! Try out free demo today to experience the SMARTer Manager system for yourself!