Dimensional Inventory for accurate inventory control


Dimensional Inventory

Reduce waste, control job costs and increase production efficiency; That’s SMARTer.

    Inventory is an asset and a significant investment.  It isn’t enough to simply keep low amounts of stock, because running out of stock can be as costly as maintaining too much inventory.  You need a responsive software solution that can constantly monitor and quickly react to events in your enterprise.  SMARTer Manager’s dimensional inventory ability empowers you to accurately control inventory through a sophisticated enhancement that tracks the various units of measure of any single inventory item. With unlimited dimensional unit definitions, SMARTer Manager provides the tool to reduce waste, control job costs and increase production efficiency.


SMARTer Manager’s dimensional inventory, which can be combined with Palm Computing © technology, returns unused or partially used items to stock, while automatically associating the returned item to the dimensionally correct item number.  In addition, all values for the material used in production are validated and update immediately, creating truly accurate job costing. 


SMARTer Manager’s Inventory Wizard makes creating inventory items with dimensional options fast and easy.  The wizard will use the decrement length to create new inventory items for the drop table associated with the original purchased inventory unit.  For example, if the current item’s length is 8 feet and the decrement is 6 inches, then the wizard will create items with lengths of 7.5, 7, 6.5 feet.  One of the most important aspects of dimensional inventory control is visibility into exactly what quantity and dimensions of an item are actually available. 


Dimensional inventory control
With SMARTer Manager’s powerful Inventory functionality, items with dimensional attributes can be viewed simultaneously.