4 Easily Avoidable Causes of inefficiency 

  A surprising majority of companies make simple mistakes that end up costing them big in terms of efficiency and the bottom line. The best way to avoid is simply by avoiding complacency and always keeping one eye out for … Continued

State of Louisiana’s Manufacturing Data – Fat Tuesday

What better day than #FatTuesday to take a look at the State of Louisiana’s Manufacturing Data? The State of Louisiana’s Manufacturing Data continues to grow. Louisiana’s export economy in 2014 reached $45.94 billion dollars in manufactured goods with 84.5% coming from … Continued

Is Advancing Technology a Double Edge Sword?

      I came across an article this morning that indicated, according to reports published Thursday, computer giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) could cut as many as 30,000 jobs to compensate for dwindling demand for personal computers as more people are … Continued

Dealing With the Labor Shortage in the Manufacturing Industry

      As I was researching and posting relevant (I think) information regarding the lack of skilled labor to accommodate the growth in the manufacturing industry. I came across several articles, but one that really caught my attention. Please … Continued

A Great Article that offers a view into the Manufacturing Engineering Workforce

I’ve been posting about manufacturing returning to the United States and the concern over whether the manufacturing industry will be able to handle the load due to a shortage of skilled workers. I read this article, A glimpse into the Engineering … Continued

Tool and die makers desperately casting for workers

An interesting article regarding the Tool and Die industry. Once again, good news on the manufacturing front, but more concern of a shortage of workers to accommodate the growth. Read the article here.

Reshoring Could Create 2-3 Million Jobs by End of Decade

I’m reading another article on reshoring, or bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. This article is particularly interesting because it talks about the possibility that reshoring could create 2 to 3 million new jobs by the end of the decade. … Continued

China offshores manufacturing to the U.S.

I’m busy doing some industry research and came across this article that I wanted to share. It seems that several Chinese conglomerates are moving their manufacturing processes to the United States. Well isn’t this an interesting turn of affairs? While … Continued

Manufacturers Returning to America

I was reading an article today from the U.S. Bank, interestingly enough, about a meeting that took place between more than 750 manufacturing executives at The Manufacturing for Growth (MFG) meeting in Orlando, Florida. Their objective? To discuss the shift … Continued