3 Common Causes of Cost Overrun in Manufacturing 

Cost overrun, known more colloquially as “going over budget,” is a big problem in the manufacturing industry. Spending lots of money is harmful enough to businesses — spending money that you didn’t plan on spending can be downright disastrous. In … Continued

5 Tips for Smooth ERP Implementation 

The early days of ERP implementation can present something of a frustrating paradox for business owners and employees alike. The basics design of ERP software is efficiency, continuity, and ease-of-use, yet the challenges of adapting to a new system can … Continued

4 Easily Avoidable Causes of inefficiency 

  A surprising majority of companies make simple mistakes that end up costing them big in terms of efficiency and the bottom line. The best way to avoid is simply by avoiding complacency and always keeping one eye out for … Continued

Robotics and the Growing Importance of Education in Manufacturing 

The past ten years have been a decade of change for the manufacturing industry. That decade has seen enormous growth within the developing world, it has seen an enormous fluctuation in local markets due to the Great Recession and the … Continued

3 Common Challenges in Inventory Management

Inventory management represents one of the most important–and, oftentimes, most challenging–administrative aspects of manufacturing. Inefficiencies, and inaccuracies in inventory management can be quite costly and time-consuming to set right, which underscores the importance of ensuring that everything runs smoothly. In … Continued

3 Critical Solutions Offered by SMe Software

Here at SMe Software, we pride ourselves in helping small and medium-sized manufacturing companies improve their efficiency and overall function with our unique and carefully designed programs. With nearly thirty years of experience in the industry, we have tailored our … Continued

Additive Manufacturing: Building an Exciting Future

The term “additive manufacturing” has a delightfully logical origin: it describes the process by which materials are “added” to a product layer by layer. First developed at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, (MIT) the technology has both changed the … Continued

Industrial Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing—How MRP Can Help

Industrial Equipment and Machinery Manufacturing is a diverse industry that produces an impressive range of products. Though the prevalent narrative in American culture would have you believe that Industrial Equipment and Machinery manufacturing is now something that happens exclusively overseas, … Continued

The Resurging Importance of Manufacturing in the U.S.

  Many people in the U.S. today view domestic manufacturing jobs as a thing of the past. These people believe that the U.S. economy is now entirely dependent upon tertiary sector jobs such as services and marketing, and that there … Continued

Build to Stock Manufacturing and ERP

In today’s world, nearly all manufacturers use some sort of ERP system–regardless of whether that company tends to build to order, or build to stock.  However, there are a few special reasons why build-to stock-manufacturers should consider investing in a … Continued