Business Intelligence with SMARTer Manager


Business Intelligence with SMARTer Manager

What is business intelligence? SMARTer Manager helps you with business intelligence through customizing how you work with SMARTer Manager and enables you to organize all your internal and outside processes in one spot. There’s no need to click through screens and modules that have nothing to do with your day-to-day tasks, and you shouldn’t have to. Familiarity and organization are critical, but how organization looks is different to each, so we’ve made it easy to organize your workspace that makes the most sense to you. Is your desk a mess? Is your desk-top cluttered? Do you have too many favorites to weed through on the Internet just to find one particular website? Would you like to have all of your business-critical information in one convenient location?
If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, then the SMARTer Manager Business Manager is for you.

MfgHubNoTransparencyThe Business Intelligence Manager gives you the ability to work with all of your business in one convenient location. No more messy desktops and cluttered internet bookmark listings – the Business Manager allows you to keep all of your crucial business information how you want it in one organized location.

Using web-based design tools, you can also connect to the internet to monitor, measure and manage business information. Do you frequently need to access UPS®, FedEx®, Google® and Microsoft Word®? Just drop them onto the Business Manager. And if you require taking a break from the pressures of work, go ahead and drop a link to the score for the big game on your manufacturing hub, as well. SMeSoftwareBI_hub_small

Organize your Business Manager in whatever fashion makes the most sense for you and your organization!

As those who are already using the Business Manager know, it is incredibly easy to use and will help to simplify your life. How can you afford NOT to use it?