Electronics Manufacturing Software

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Electronics Manufacturing Software


SMe Software has solutions for electronics manufacturing companies with SMARTer Manager’s electronics manufacturing software.  Competing in the ever advancing electronics manufacturing technologies world is no easy task. Keeping up with this rapid pace means being able to change, grow and enhance as needed.

With SMARTer Manager’s™ electronics manufacturing software we have the ability to grow with you; you can buy right the first time. It’s SMARTer.


Analyze your shop floor data in real time and make adjustments on the fly.

Retrieve your related Job Costing as they occur without having to wait until the job actually ships.

Use multiple job types to tailor each job to your appropriate production model. Make-to-order, repetitive, mixed-mode – we make it easy.

Give your customers the information they need, when they need it.

Every detail about your open or historical jobs is available, including specifications, scheduling information, materials used and job costs, is quick and easy to find.

Our Software Grows with you:

Our job is to help you grow your electronics manufacturing business utilizing the best in electronics management software. Our electronics manufacturing system is set up to grow with you right out of the gate.

No expensive add-ons or tedious revamping required. Whether you have 10 or 1000 employees you are scheduling, whether you are producing hundreds or tens of thousands of electronic products, SMARTer Manager™ is there for you.