What is Manufacturing Overhead?



In every manufacturing enterprise there are three basic costs that must be immediately considered as an owner assigns a value to a product.  First, there are the direct material costs. This refers to the cost of the “raw materials” that an owner needs in order to produce his or her product. For instance, the cost of the wood is a direct material cost for a furniture manufacturer.  Second, there is direct labor cost. This term refers to the price of all the labor that is immediately involved in the production of a product. The final cost to consider is manufacturing overhead. Manufacturing overhead refers to the indirect factory-related costs that are incurred by a company as they make a finished product.

Manufacturing overhead includes costs like material handlers that aren’t involved in the production of the final goods. It further includes any employees who are involved in the set-up of equipment and its inspection. Finally, the maintenance and custodial staff of a company would be categorized under overhead, along with all managers and record keepers.

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