State of Louisiana’s Manufacturing Data – Fat Tuesday


What better day than #FatTuesday to take a look at the State of Louisiana’s Manufacturing Data?

The State of Louisiana’s Manufacturing Data continues to grow. Louisiana’s export economy in 2014 reached $45.94 billion dollars in manufactured goods with 84.5% coming from small business exports. Exports helped to create more jobs at the rate of 21.50% in 2011.

  • 21.17% of the gross states product which equates to $53.23 billion dollars in 2014 is from manufacturing
  • Almost 8% of employees in the state are in manufacturing, that’s 150,800 jobs
  • 2,997 manufacturers in Louisiana provide an average annual compensation of $79,109 in 2013
Sources: U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Census Bureau ,International Trade Administration, and NAM

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