Aerospace Manufacturing Software

Aerospace and Defense Manufacturing ERP Software

Your aerospace manufacturing software needs are complex and high tech, coupled with rigid industry guidelines – you need a SMARTer solution. SMARTer Manager’s™ customizable design will take you where you need to go and keep you in compliance.

One size doesn’t fit all. Off-the-shelf ERP software doesn’t meet all the demands of manufacturers who supply products and services to the aerospace industry; that’s why you need a comprehensive aerospace manufacturing software. Our software solution provides full aerospace product management, and you’ll never lose focus of the project with integrated project management.

SMe Software delivers an end-to-end solution for aerospace manufacturers that need to meet strict guidelines, improve lead times and reduce waste. You need SMARTer aerospace manufacturing software to fully integrated all your business process and financial management build for the aerospace manufacturer.

Get full traceability, more control and meet your requirements with SMARTer Manager’s™: Full product life-cycle tracking. “Cradle to Grave”


Features and Benefits of Aerospace Manufacturing Software

  • Auto serialization upon shipping or receiving.
  • Role-based security.
  • Unlimited Bill of Materials.
  • Expiration dates definable for any lot.
  • Engineering Change History and Notifications.
  • Record lot numbers of all purchased materials at the time received.
  • Record serial number for components used in a Bill Of Materials.
  • View, modify, print and attach drawings, documentation, and other quality documents.
  • Track customer shipments back to the raw material lot that was used to produce the finished part.
  • On screen inquiry by part of all lot numbers and serial numbers received/shipped for that part.
  • Lot numbers and serial numbers can be assigned at shipping, receiving and material issued before proceeding.
  • Ability to define traceability requirements on a part-by-part basis, with each part having it’s special tracking requirements.
  • A printed or displayed report allows you to search by customer, part number, production order, or a specific lot number or serial number.